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In Loving Memory of


Janice's sweet boxer girl

October 26th 2006 to July 16th 2015

dx-ed lymphoma May 2015

Although I could never be prepared, I knew this was the day I allowed you to cross the Rainbow Bridge my heart wanting you to stay.You brought me so much joy, unconditional love that filled my heart Unfortunately there comes a time, like today, that we must part. I watched you grow from a pup into the sweetest furbaby I could ever own. It was during this period that I knew I would never feel lost and alone. I will miss your licks, wagging your tail, following me every move I made. It is now sweet girl that I can only watch from where I had you laid. I will visit this site daily and be reminded that I once owned a beautiful soul That made my life special allowing me to feel complete and whole.Your memories I will keep alive within me until I too must die That will be the day we are rejoined and we can visit the meadows and just lie. You see I also have a journey that I too must fulfill here on earthI thank. God you walked part of that with me, 9 years starting at birth. So you go run free my sweet angel, bark at the cats, stride across the green grass. Know that you will forever be in my heart and memories that will last. Although I will grieve I will take peace in knowing you have no more pain. For God has promised us a land with so much more to gain.I will see you again my sweet angel, until then know momma is thinking of you. Wishing you were here even if it's just another night or two.

My sweet Daisey

I am ok now mommy!

Better smile for pic!

Perfect pic together.

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