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Pets with Cancer {Endless Love} Angels

In Loving Memory of


Born 2004 - Over the Bridge, June 20th 2013

Tammy's beloved Rotty girl

dx-ed Bone Cancer April 2013

Missy loved to go for a drive

Nine years ago, a friend of mine came to me asking if I wanted a Rottweiler puppy. (I had wanted a Rottweiler for many years prior to this.) He knew I had a large fenced yard and thought I would provide a great home to her. From what I understand this puppy was the only female and the runt of the litter. The breeders threw her out as unwanted. Before I was able to bring her into my home she went to several other homes but the people lived in apartments. I went to "interview" her at one of these apartments and it was love at first sight. This adorable, sweet four month old girl came home with me!

Missy was always a very social dog and loved to have company. She felt as if any visitors that came to the house were there to see her! She would make her rounds and recieve pets from everyone. She was also very fond of motorcyles, but they had to be Harley Davidsons!

In April 2013, I discovered a lump on Missy's front leg/shoulder. I immediately took her to the vet for an exam. X-rays showed a mass that could have been bone cancer or Valley Fever. Well the Valley Fever test came back negative. The x-rays also showed a couple spots on her lungs which meant the cancer had already spread. The oncologist indicated she was not a candidate for surgery, so we developed a treatment plan to keep her happy and comfortable as long as possible.

Missy only lived 2 months and 4 days after the initial diagnosis. That time was filled with love and pampering. We were able to go on a final camping trip to the property she loved so much. I would take her for rides in the truck - just Mom and Missy - quality time together. I would give her treats - she loved asparagus and steak! And of course she had visitors at the house. Lots of friends had to stop by to see her, knowing they had to say goodbye to this special girl. Many thanks to my boss who allowed me to work from home a lot during this time! It was wonderful to be able to spend the extra time with her when she needed me most. Missy was at home when she passed. She was not alone as Mom was right by her side as she took her last breath. RIP my baby.... Mom misses you so much! You will always be Mama's girl!

Missy was a one in a million dog! She was so well behaved and was loved by everyone that met her.

RIP my Missy girl! Until we see each other again...

Missy's smile

Missy loved to go camping

Missy and Mom

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